Book Review: Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth (Fully Updated Second Edition)

Now that it was time to think of my future and what I want to do with my life, I thought a book full of amazing travel experiences all over the world would help me make a decision. In fact, there are now at least 50 new travel destinations written on my not-yet-existing-Bucket-List.

At that time I was in Cologne for the weekend and my friend persuaded to have a look at the local Urban Outfitters. And because I actually didn’t have one penny for anything I thought this book is probably worth 18 euros (I know, I’m not making sense here), so I did it. And those 18 euros were, I would say, the best spent 18 euros ever. One thing before I finally start to tell you a bit more about the book; DON’T BUY IT WHEN YOU NEED TO MAKE A DECISION!

In the book Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth written by various travelers you basically get to know the world. It is split into 21 different regions and every region has its own chapter. In every beginning of the chapter you have a map which shows you the region. Then you can start to read about very special, sometimes crazy, sometimes exciting stories which always provide you much information about the country or the city they stayed in. The range goes from the Isle of Man in England, over building your own raft in Sweden, over swimming with penguins in South Africa to having a sake party at Fuji Rock in China. I can promise you, this book will blow your mind!

But the best thing about it is that you cannot only read the story and think yeah awesome, I would love to do that sometime, and then google yourself through the whole universe to find it. No. They were actually so nice to put a list of useful information about the region and all the links to the activities and accomodations to every end of the chapter.

So the last thing I can say about this book is, buy it and start to work, so that you can afford nearly every single experience (that’s more a tip for myself…). This actually inspired me to start a Bucket-List, so maybe you will find that here soo. Stay tuned 🙂

Did you read the book – and if you did, what is the most amazing story you’ve read? If you didn’t I would love to here about your travel destinations in the comments! 🙂


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